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Foursquare Annual Report

Celebrate with us! Review some of the highlights from the 2017 Foursquare Annual Report and see what God is doing through The Foursquare Church around the world.

  • U.S.

    2017 U.S. Foursquare Statistics

    Item Number
    Salvations 101,644
    Members and Adherents 276,069
    Churches 1,519
    Missional Congregations 308*
    Credentialed Ministers 6,637

    The Foursquare 2018 Annual Report is based on 2017 statistics.

    *The distinction between a Foursquare church and a Foursquare congregation is as follows:

    • A Foursquare church is EIN registered organization in direct relationship with ICFG.
    • A congregation, e.g., pipeline plant, multisite campus, ethnic congregation, qualifies to be Foursquare registered in connection with an EIN registered Foursquare church. Chaplain meeting places are also congregations.
  • Global

    2017 Foursquare Global Statistics

    Item Number
    Salvations 2,462,882
    Water Baptisms 292,501
    Holy Spirit Baptisms 936,925
    Members and Adherents 8,746,471
    Churches and Meeting Places 86,123
    Ministers 80,417
    Non-U.S. Countries with Foursquare Works 145

    The Foursquare 2018 Annual Report is based on 2017 statistics.


Financial Information

Learn more about the financial state of The Foursquare Church for 2017. Watch a video from CFO Ron Thigpenn, originally presented at Foursquare Connection 2018.