Foursquare’s Five Targets

Our Five Targets. The Future of The Foursquare Church.

Target Four: Diversify Leaders

The opportunity to marshal our resources and efforts to build a network of diverse leaders that are multicultural, multigenerational, and women in ministry brings an enormous sense of joy and anticipation.

The Foursquare Church wants to be able to say, as Peter did, that we wasted no time in our pursuit to present the gospel to the world. In the coming years, 90 percent of the growth in the United States will occur among immigrant populations.

We are also an aging denomination. It is imperative that we bridge the generations, using the older to mentor and coach, while challenging the younger to step up and become effective laborers alongside us.

To that end, we are formalizing two committees of the board and asking for a comprehensive and well-resourced strategy to reach our target.