Foursquare’s Five Targets

Our Five Targets. The Future of The Foursquare Church.

Target Five: Resourcing Leaders

Each year the U.S. Foursquare Church spends $9.2 million on administration. That represents around 32 percent of our tithe budget.

The goal of Target Five is that Foursquare Financial Solutions will cover the administrative costs of the central office so that 100 percent of the tithe can be invested in mission. We need more resources at the local church level, more resources at the district and divisional levels, and more resources for global mission.

In addition, we look to resource ministers directly through Foursquare Financial Solutions, which includes such services as loans, insurance, retirement and grants through Foursquare Foundation.

The Foursquare Church also provides suggested resources through the Leadership Tools section on Whether you are planting a church, need a website for your church, are looking to become a better leader or want some new worship options for Sunday morning, we have a curated library of resources hand-picked by fellow Foursquare leaders.