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2018 Proposed Bylaw Amendments

This year’s proposed bylaw amendments from the Bylaw Committee contain many substantive changes. In addition, like every year, some bylaw proposals are needed to keep the bylaws in step with current administration practices.

Please take the time to invest in the future of The Foursquare Church. Download the full proposed bylaw amendments, read the summary below, then email us your feedback.

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Substantive Changes

Notice of Conventions.  Article V (Meetings of Members) Sec. 5.2.  This section is amended to authorize local churches to give notice of our annual convention to their members electronically instead posting a paper notice on a church bulletin board. Local churches may also rely on the notice that is posted on the Foursquare website to provide adequate notice of our convention to local members as well.

Electronic voting at districts. The amendments of sections 6.3.B (Selected Directors)  and 11.1.1.B ([Cabinet] Members by Selection) authorize districts to utilize electronic voting when selecting a board member and a cabinet member to represent the district.

Cabinet vetting of potential candidates for president.  Article VII (Executive Officers) Sec 7.1.2.F.4. The committee reviewed the five questions that the cabinet nominee review committee asks presidential nominees in the cabinet’s process of selecting two to three candidates to stand for election to the office of president. Two of the questions have qualifiers about conditions that may “impede the services” of the nominee. The amendment, if adopted, will remove the qualifier language so that the issue of “impediment” is not solely within the discretion of the nominee, but rather the nominee review committee as well. In the final question asking about anything in the nominee personal life that could be considered “scandalous,” the amendment, if adopted, will delete the parenthetical statement that the nominee will not be required to explain a “yes” answer. The bylaw committee recommends that the nominee review committee should be able to take into consideration a candidate’s refusal to explain a “yes” answer.

Administration of oath of office to president-elect.  Article VII (Executive Officers) Sec 7.1.2.J.4. We amended the bylaws last year to provide that the president-elect will typically be chosen in year four instead of year five of the term of an outgoing president to allow a longer transition period. In light of that change, it is recommended that Article VII Section 7.1.2.J.4. be revised to clarify that the oath of office for the president will be administered at the convention immediately preceding when the president-elect takes office as president.

How often the church council meets.  Article XVI (Operating Foursquare Churches) Sec. 16.1.E. This amendment, if adopted, will permit church councils to miss/skip one or two monthly meetings per year (i.e., have at least 10 monthly meetings per year). The expectation remains that church councils will meet monthly to conduct church business. There may be occasional months, however, e.g., December or a summer vacation month,when, either by plan or by lack of a quorum, a council meeting does not occur.

“Catch-up” and Other Miscellaneous Amendments

Community church use of term “Foursquare Association.”  At Article III (Definitions), Sec. 3.8.A.2 . The definition of “Community church” will be amended to make clear that a Community church in good standing may identify itself as a “Community church of the Foursquare Association.”

Electronic voting at convention.  Article V (Meetings of Members) Sec. 5.7.C. This amendment makes clear that the particular paragraph in this section that authorizes electronic voting pertains only to voting at convention. But also see the paragraph “Electronic voting at districts” above.

Old license terminology deleted.  Article XI (Foursquare Cabinet and Executive Council) Sec. 11.1.1.B.  This amendment deletes references to obsolete “international license” and “district license” since Foursquare now offers one license applicable to all U.S. Foursquare ministry.

“Active status” and “inactive status” terminology brought current.  Article XII (Ministers of ICFG) Sec. 12.2.1. and Sec 12.2.2. The language regarding non-Foursquare “appointment” has been updated to the new language of non-Foursquare “related place of service.”

Ethics committee appointment clarified. Article XII (Ministers of ICFG) Sec. 12.2.5.A.6. and Section 12.2.5.B. It is recommended the phrase indicating that ethics committees are always appointed by the board be deleted. In practice, at times an ethics committee may be directly appointed by the board, but at other times an ethics committee may be appointed by the district, pursuant to administrative policy or instruction from the board to do so.

The Bylaw Committee and the board desire and need your careful reading and comments. Please download the full proposed bylaw amendments (PDF) and forward your comments by email.

El Clark, Chairperson
Bylaw Committee

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