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Taking God at His Word

By Kevin DeYoung

Whether you’re looking to help your congregation find a refreshing confidence in the Word of God, or wanting to help them find a more sure footing within the murky world of liberal, progressive and postmodern thought, Kevin DeYoung has done us all a great service with his new book, “Taking God at His Word.” more»


Unwrapping Lazarus

By Pete Carter

Pete Carter’s “Unwrapping Lazarus” challenges us to “unwrap” ourselves from anything that binds us or holds us back from a faith-filled walk. Are we willing to take God out of the box we put Him in, which can’t contain Him anyway, and let Him do what He wants to do? This book is about releasing our unimaginable potential in Christ. more»


Transform Ministry Productivity With ‘What’s Best Next’

By Matthew Perman

With his new book, “What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done,” Matthew Perman has given the church a major advancement not merely in systems of effectiveness, but also in foundational principles that ensure the right system is applied to the right work for the right reasons. more»



By Skye Jethani

Anyone grappling with the meaning of life and their purpose or calling will benefit from “Futureville: Discover Your Purpose for Today by Reimagining Tomorrow.” Author Skye Jethani, executive editor of the Leadership Media Group at Christianity Today, shows readers that God has called them to create beauty, order and abundance in unique ways according to how God has gifted them. more»


God’s Not Dead (Movie)

Released in theaters across the U.S. on March 21, “God’s Not Dead” tells the fictional—but all too true to life—story of a young college freshman pitted against a militant anti-theist professor in his philosophy class. This timely film offers a great opportunity to hold conversations with students about belief in God, the Scriptures and the person of Jesus Christ. more»

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