Sister Aimee: Scandalous?

  • Sister Aimee used media and the cutting-edge technology of her day to carry her message across the globe. With that kind of reach, many of the details of her life story remain with us today. Read about Sister Aimee, listen to her sermons, view photographs and more.

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Meet the Real Aimee

  • Enjoy articles written by and about Sister Aimee and her work in an era when tremendous forces were changing the face of the globe. These historical insights paint a clearer picture of what it was like to be an early part of the movement Sister Aimee started.

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Aimee's Legacy Today

  • Sister Aimee captivated thousands with her dynamic personality and powerful message of hope. Communities around the world are challenged and changed today because of the work she started so many years ago. Learn more about Sister Aimee's lasting legacy.

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Aimee's Legacy Today

  • Stay updated on how the life and legacy of Aimee Semple McPherson is still making an impact today.
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By Greg L. Hawkins, Cally Parkinson

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