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Revival at the Ends of the Earth

Foursquare South Pacific Area Missionary Jerry Stott says that when Jesus told us in Acts 1:8 to evangelize “the ends of the earth,” He must have been referring to the South Pacific. In this QuickTalk recorded during Foursquare Connection 2013, Jerry relates in rapid-fire testimony just how the Holy Spirit is bringing revival to the South Pacific. more»


Miracle Work

By Jordan Seng

Jordan Seng challenges readers to be vessels filled with faith that can be used by God to minister in the miraculous. The author weaves a masterful mix of experience, testimony, theology and insight along with a very practical look at how to go about things such as healing, deliverance, intercession, prophecy and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. more»


Help for the Fractured Soul

By Candyce Roberts

In “Help for the Fractured Soul,” author Candyce Roberts provides practical guidance to leaders who minister to people who have suffered severe trauma or abuse. Sharing success stories as well as failures from her own experience, the author guides readers through the effective manner that she has developed in leading brokenhearted people to Jesus Christ for healing. more»


October Baby

When college student Hannah discovers that her parents are not actually her biological parents and that she is the survivor of a failed abortion, her world unravels. Angry and confused, she embarks on a spring break road trip with longtime pal Jason and his friends, determined to uncover her secret history and, hopefully, find resolution and healing. more»


Beyond Boundaries

By John Townsend

In his latest book, John Townsend helps readers discover when and how to trust again after they’ve set appropriate relationship boundaries, and how to safely grow their most intimate relationships. Providing biblically sound and practical instruction, the author outlines principles for growing from past failures, beginning new relationships and repairing troubled ones. more»

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