Lucinda Chumley is an ordained Foursquare minister and serves as a resident director at Life Pacific College in San Dimas, Calif.

  Who it's for

Prayer groups, small groups, church leaders


  • Price: $12.99
  • Publisher: Craig Smith Ministries
  • Format: softcover book
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Whether it is born of a heartfelt response to the pervasive hopelessness witnessed in the surrounding society, or a divinely inspired stirring in our collective souls, there seems to be a call ringing out to the church, awakening within it a new desire for prayer.

However, many do not know how to translate this desire into a daily discipline.

The Vigil, written and produced by Craig Smith, includes three titles that explore the doctrine and praxis of prayer. The compilation includes a book that teaches about prayer, a prayer book and an album.

The first book is titled The Vigil: Experiencing a Life of Divine Design. In its introduction, Smith writes: “The Lord’s Prayer is a simple map, spoken from the mouth of our Savior and intended for all His disciples.” The author goes on to expound the 11 phrases used by Christ in teaching His followers to pray, as seen in Matt. 6:9-13, grouping them into six themes.

The second book, The Vigil: A Book of Prayers, follows these themes with written prayers in each grouping, all drawn directly from Scripture. While the broader church is accustomed to prayers set to music, written prayers may be new to some. Prayers such as these are meant to be read aloud and can be especially beneficial to those struggling to put their thoughts into words.

Finally, there is an album with 11 songs, also inspired by the Lord’s Prayer. It is contemplative, with an underlying ’80s vibe. Just as the biblical psalms were prayers in a musical format, so it is with this album.

The beauty of these resources is that there is no prescribed method as to how to use them. Craig simply offers them as a resource to the body of Christ. The most straightforward way would be to take in all three simultaneously and systematically.

Craig Smith is giving 100 percent of all proceeds from The Vigil to Foursquare Missions Press (FMP) for 60 days, starting March 24, 2015. To purchase The Vigil, visit Craig Smith Ministries website.