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Cher Ami: What Can We Learn From a Pigeon?

By Ilya Carrera

Inspiration for carrying out the Great Commission can sometimes come from unlikely sources, shares Ilya Carrera, senior pastor of Centro Cristiano Betania in Panama City, Panama. God can use even the smallest of creatures to send us a message of faith and perseverance.



Obedience and Leadership

By Tim Clark

It can be tempting to put tried-and-true ministry practices “on repeat,” shares The Church On The Way Senior Pastor Tim Clark. However, God may choose to use us differently in different seasons of ministry. Leading under Him requires a pliable and obedient spirit, shares Tim.



Due Season

By Christine Caine

God’s timing is not like our human timing; He does not trouble Himself with our deadlines and due dates. Author and speaker Christine Caine reminds us that if our prayer request is something God has called us to do, commissioned us to accomplish or compelled us to complete, then we must stay in faith, believing, no matter what.



Christ’s Ambassadors

By Stan Simmons

In deeply divided times, it’s so easy to let emotions cloud our interactions with one another. Ordained Minister Stan Simmons reminds Christian leaders that not only have we been commissioned to make disciples, but also we serve as ambassadors for Christ in every interaction we have.



The Gift of Listening

By Ricky Temple

In the midst of the religious and political turmoil of His time, Jesus reached out, hearing and caring for others. Ordained Minister Ricky Temple shares how sometimes the best gift we have to fulfill the Great Commission is a loving and listening ear.



Anointed to Be Witnesses

By Prince Guneratnam

Prince Guneratnam, senior pastor of Calvary Church in Malaysia and chairman of Pentecostal World Fellowship, reminds us to fulfill the Great Commission by sharing the Good News of Christ, and offers scriptural examples what that might look like in our lives.



Stuck in the Gourd

By John Fehlen

Sometimes God is asking us to release what we’ve held tightly to for so long in order to be released ourselves. Ordained Minister John Fehlen shares from his heart about the difficult concept of letting go and trusting God to provide fruitful ministry opportunities.



Liberating Leadership Lessons

By Doretha O'Quinn

Obedience to do as Jesus commissions you can be the most liberating experience you can have in ministry, shares Ordained Minister and Vanguard University Provost Doretha O’Quinn. Doretha highlights leadership lessons on obedience she learned from the Book of Ruth.




By Kenneth Johnson

When we rely on our own strength, our mission can seem impossible, and God’s goals unattainable. Taking inspiration from the story of Gideon in Judges 6, Ordained Minister Kenneth Johnson shares how having God-confidence, not self-confidence, makes an impossible mission, possible.



The Unexpected Witness

By Tammy Dunahoo

Foursquare General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo knows there is a special reason Jesus chose Mary Magdalene to be the first to see Him after His resurrection. His love continually reaches down to us, empowering us to go and tell, shares Tammy.

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