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From Motorcycle Warlord to Godly Mentor: Al Aceves

By Alfonso Aceves

Once a sergeant-at-arms with the Mongols motorcycle club, Big Al Aceves had become famous for all the wrong reasons. He was known among bikers as a warlord, a hit man who would take any job for the right price to pay for his mounting heroin habit. But then Big Al met someone way bigger than himself: Jesus Christ.



Identity Crisis: One Pastor’s Story

By Keith Meyer

Keith Meyer was preaching about living the Christian life and getting to heaven, but inside he was living a kind of hell on Earth. Ministry was killing him. From his new book, “Whole Life Transformation,” he shares how he faced the issues that were causing personal destruction, and how he got his life back.


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Step by Step to Freedom: Scott Craven

By Scott Craven

Scott Craven, a member of Hope Chapel Makiki (Makiki Foursquare Church) in Honolulu, is involved in ministry to men who want to break free from addiction. Once an addict himself, he shares how God saved him—and how exciting it is to lead others, step by step, to newfound liberty through Christ.



Ministry Burnout (Part 3): An Ounce of Prevention

By Bill Shepson

In Part 3 of a new three-part series exclusive to Foursquare, several leaders discuss how to prevent pastoral burnout from happening. It takes courage, initiative and honesty, but burnout can be successfully avoided. After all, prevention is always better than intervention that may come too late.



Ministry Burnout (Part 2): The Signs and the Cure

By Bill Shepson

In Part 2 of a new three-part series exclusive to Foursquare, we examine the signs of pastoral burnout, as well as practical “first steps” one can take to climb out of the quagmire. We also cover how Foursquare’s Center for Spiritual Renewal can help.



Ministry Burnout (Part 1): Examining the Threat

By Bill Shepson

In a new three-part series exclusive to Foursquare, we take a close look at the growing problem of pastoral burnout. Dissecting the statistics and exploring the topic with leaders in our denomination, we’ll examine its signs, how to heal from it, and how to prevent it in the first place.


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Recovery Worth Celebrating: Scott and Pennie Alvarez

By Scott Alvarez

Foursquare members Scott and Pennie Alvarez of Crescenta Valley Community Church have devoted their lives to helping people find freedom from destructive addictions.


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A New Start: Elaine Vinsonhaler

By Elaine Vinsonhaler

Elaine Vinsonhaler's former addictions almost killed her. But when she gave her life to Christ, she was set free and completely healed. Now she helps others find that same freedom.


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A New Beginning in Christ: Steven and Kimberly Merry

By Steven and Kimberly Merry with Jim Hogan

How one couple left a partying lifestyle behind and found God, who sustained them through their marriage and the severe heart condition of their second child.


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Healing in God's Arms of Love: Susan Baldi

By Susan Baldi

Now an assisting minister at The Gathering Place, a Foursquare church in Folsom, Calif., Susan Baldi shares her incredible story of abuse, pain and bad choices, and how she ultimately found healing in God’s loving arms.

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