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What is my Responsibility in Witnessing to Non-Christian Friends?

By Dennis W. Easter

Sharing the Good News can be a heavy subject to place on a friendship. What’s the best way to go about it, or should we even go there in the first place? Dennis W. Easter helps us out with some practical tips.



Our Great Co-Mission

By Jonathan Hall

We are all well acquainted with the Lord’s precious words in Matthew 28:18-20, commonly referred to as the Great Commission. Beyond a command, it also seems to invite us into something deeper.



Making God Easy to Find

By Glenn Burris Jr.

A self-proclaimed atheist wanted to know why God is so hard to find. As the church, our mission is to make God easy to find.



The Global Dance

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Cross-cultural experiences teach us the value of effective communication and global integration for worldwide evangelism.



Heart for the City

By Tom Teichroew

God was introducing me to a new call—a call to minister to this city. In less than an hour, God had given me a heart for this city and these people.

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