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Read stories about Foursquare leaders and the people they serve as well as historical Foursquare moments and real-life topics.


A Pastor’s Struggle With Painkiller Addiction

By Andy Butcher

Ron Swor, senior pastor of New Life (Canby Foursquare Church) in Canby, Ore., was pastoring his thriving church while secretly nursing an addiction to painkillers—which almost killed his ministry and family life. He candidly shares how he found freedom, and helps others do the same.



The 20/20 Vision Plan

By Sam Rockwell, Ph.D.

When you look toward the future, is your vision cloudy? Implementing a leadership development plan can be like getting a new pair of glasses for your life, says Sam Rockwell, supervisor of Foursquare’s Gateway District, as he discusses a not-to-miss resource for pastors.



Sensitivity Training 101

By Sam Johnson

Ready or not, your neighborhood is changing. The cultures of the world are literally at our doorsteps, giving the church one of the best evangelism opportunities of all time. FMI Area Missionary Sam Johnson explains how to not only build bridges with our new neighbors, but to learn from them, as well.



Harvard Learning Meets Spirit-Filled Living

By Ana Maria Schlecht

Some believers are leery of educational pursuits, thinking such endeavors will hamper the work of the Holy Spirit. But learning can actually help us reach more people as God directs our steps, notes Foursquare Pastor Ana Maria Schlecht as she discusses the balance between our hearts and our minds.



Hidden Talent

By Aly Salz

The church often fails to utilize, or appreciate the significance of, some its most valuable resources: businesspeople, women, youth and other talented laypeople. Aly Salz encourages pastors to mentor, and partner with, the gifted people God has placed among us so that we can effectively reach our communities.

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