Foursquare Stories

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Read stories about Foursquare leaders and the people they serve as well as historical Foursquare moments and real-life topics.


Carrie Jenkins: Sent to Disciple

By Jessica Sherer

One-on-one mentoring relationships are where Carrie Jenkins, co-pastor of New Hope Worship Center in Concord, N.C., sees the most fruitful spiritual growth and leadership development. The people part of leadership is key, she asserts: how to surround yourself with the right team, how to build great relationships with your staff, and how to live life in step with one another.


Foursquare Legacy

How God Changed the Course of My Life

By Sam Meza | 5 Comments

At 19, Sam Meza had just joined the Navy and was living it up in San Diego’s dance clubs. But there was a miracle in the works that would soon alter the course his young life, and he would encounter the power of God. Years later, Sam still serves as a Foursquare credentialed minister and evangelist in Southern California.


Leadership Profiles

Raising Up Leaders: Justice Coleman

By Ken Walker | 3 Comments

Justice Coleman and his wife, Maria, started a Bible study for non-Christians that soon grew into a congregation that first met in an Irish pub and now gathers in two locations. At Freedom Church, it’s all about discipleship, service to others and having a heart for those who don’t yet know Christ.


We Are Foursquare

Dan Lucero Finds a Worldwide Family in Foursquare

By Rachel Chimits

When Dan Lucero, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) area missionary to West and Central Africa and Francophone nations, came into Foursquare, he found that the movement comprises a wide spectrum of people the world over, and that “family” is one of Foursquare’s deepest-held values.