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Top 11 Things You Need to Know to Get Ready for Summer Camp

By Chris White | 7 Comments

Summer is almost here, and it’s one of the best times of the year for reaching young people. Across the country, Foursquare camps will be providing a venue for powerful ministry to youth. Is your church ready? Here are the top 11 things you as a youth leader can do to get ready for summer camp and the fantastic ministry opportunity it offers.


Foursquare Legacy

The Kind of a Church I Like

By Aimee Semple McPherson

In a 1924 Angelus Temple bulletin, Aimee Semple McPherson presented an article detailing the characteristics of a healthy church dedicated to saving souls and reaching the world for Christ. These foundational values were a key to Foursquare’s rapid growth worldwide.


Leadership Profiles

Karaoke Outreach to L.A.’s Chinese Community: Daniel Shiao

By Andy Butcher | 4 Comments

Daniel Shiao and his Foursquare congregation in Southern California’s South Bay are using an unconventional approach to reaching the region’s Chinese community—karaoke competitions that introduce non-Christians to Christian music and, ultimately, Christ Himself. The population of Chinese in the U.S. is four million, making Chinese speakers the second-largest immigrant group in the country.


We Are Foursquare

Rescued From Gang Life: Agustin Torres

By Agustin Torres | 5 Comments

Agustin Torres was thrust into gang life as a fourth grader, desperate for belonging and a means to provide for his struggling family that was absent a stable father figure. He was angry and without hope. But because of the Salem Dream Center in Salem, Ore., Agustin’s life is the polar opposite of what it once was.