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Leaving a Lasting Legacy

By Glenn Burris Jr. | 1 Comment

General Supervisor Glenn Burris Jr. writes about the importance of making a lasting impression and how we can use that to improve as leaders.



What Adults Want From Church

By D. Michael Lindsay

Co-author of The Gallup Guide provides his take on how adults perceive the church and how church leaders can adapt to take on new cultural realities.



A Movement with New Testament Priorities

By Jack Hayford

While The Foursquare Church has taken its place as a respected denomination of evangelical-Pentecostal-charismatic stance, its essence is not as a corporation, though legal requirements utilize that terminology.



Megachurch Malaise

By Jack Hayford | 1 Comment

Comparing their churches to megachurches, some pastors become discouraged. We need discernment to help avoid disillusionment.

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