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Devotion Deficiency

By Brad Williams

Whose approval matters most? Do critical words from others keep you awake at night? Ordained Minister Brad Williams shares how paying too much attention to critics and depending too much on others’ approval can be two sides of the same coin.



Shake It Off

By Carolyn Clark

For us to become free, God requires an identity change, shares Credentialed Minister Carolyn Clark. Carolyn shares about a time in ministry when she saw that need firsthand, and challenges us to embrace the loss of that old identity to become a new creation in Christ.



Pray for the Sick

By Dave Stone

As Spirit-filled leaders, we all have a commission to pray for the sick. FMI Area Missionary Dave Stone shares his personal journey through illness and health, and how glorifying God means a greater commitment to pray for our sick brothers and sisters in Christ.



Hearing and Obeying

By Harold Helms

Ordained Foursquare Minister Harold Helms shares the rebuke Jesus gave the Pharisees and Sadducees in Matthew 22 against being mere “hearers of the Word,” as well as the hope we have for Christ to be glorified if we also obey.



Cher Ami: What Can We Learn From a Pigeon?

By Ilya Carrera

Inspiration for carrying out the Great Commission can sometimes come from unlikely sources, shares Ilya Carrera, senior pastor of Centro Cristiano Betania in Panama City, Panama. God can use even the smallest of creatures to send us a message of faith and perseverance.

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