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Staying Engaged When Crises Are Ongoing

By Chad Isenhart

It’s easy for our hearts to grow weary of what seems like ongoing repetition of the same stories on the news. Chad Isenhart, international operations chief for Foursquare Disaster Relief, offers advice for keeping our hearts soft so we don’t become desensitized or burned out in responding to long-term crises.



The Great Reconciler

By Carl Medearis

Jesus divides spiritually, but He unites socially, shares speaker and author Carl Medearis. He came to restore all that is broken—not only between Himself and sinful people, but also between people, countries or cultures in conflict.



In the Wake of the Storm

By Ted Vail

When a storm hits, whether it’s literal like Hurricane Harvey, or some other jolting life event such as sickness or job loss, we need God’s wisdom, divine power and direction like never before, shares Ted Vail, Foursquare’s vice president of global operations and director of Foursquare Missions International.



Messengers of Hope

By Humberto Paz

We are messengers of hope, spreading the seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot force those seeds to take root and bear fruit—only following God’s direction and divine leading can accomplish that, shares Foursquare Missions International Area Missionary Humberto Paz.



The Sweet Spot of Solitude

By John Coleman

Ordained Minister John Coleman helps oversee the Center for Spiritual Renewal East in beautiful Southwest Virginia so that Foursquare pastors and leaders have a place to find their rest and renewal in the Lord. But where does he find his own solitude and rest?

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