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Adapting to Complexity in Ministry Challenges

By David Kinnaman | 2 Comments

Trusting tried-and-true solutions when it comes to church leadership challenges is not always the right path. Barna Group President David Kinnaman explores scenarios in which adaptive leadership might be needed, and why ministry teams are more effective than a sole leader.



A Trusting Rest

By Garris Elkins | 5 Comments

When we trust and rest in the Lord, He takes control and accomplishes what we cannot in our own strength. Ordained Minister Garris Elkins reminds believers that God is able to do “infinitely more than we might ask or think.”



Empowered and Authorized

By Michael Edwards | 6 Comments

There is so much Christian leaders can learn from the practices of Jesus regarding the empowerment of, and instruction to, His disciples, shares Ordained Minister Michael Edwards. It is truly through the power of Christ we can say, “By His grace and power, I did that.”



Politically Charged

By Zach B. | 3 Comments

What should the role of a pastor be in the light of current events and political debates? Zach B., a Foursquare worker in Turkey, offers his unique perspective as someone who has served The Foursquare Church in the tumultuous Middle East.



Knowing Your Limits—And Living Beyond Them

By Cere Muscarella | 5 Comments

While self-care and knowing your limitations are important, allowing in distractions can hurt your personal ministry. Ordained Minister Cere Muscarella encourages church leaders to allow the Holy Spirit to help them break free and live beyond human limits.

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