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Keeping up With God’s Good Work

By Doug Andersen | 3 Comments

It’s easy to reminisce about God’s moving in the past, but it’s a lot harder to step out of our comfort zone and trust His leading today. Ordained Minister Doug Andersen shares a little of how Peter must have felt watching Christ walk on the water.



Digging and Reopening: Finding Your Church’s ‘Wells’

By Kaj Martin | 5 Comments

When Ordained Minister Kaj Martin was led to pastor a historical, but struggling, church in Seattle, he found that many of the church’s “wells” had been blocked and needed to be dug again. When the church began to focus on Genesis 26, Living Water began to flow once more.



Immeasurable Resources for Your ‘Today’

By Jack Hayford | 4 Comments

Don’t fall into the easy trap of comparison when it comes to your personal ministry. You are sent—and God is ready and inviting you to open today to a fresh anointing, to a new season of His power, shares Pastor Jack Hayford.



Plugging In

By Farrell Lemings | 9 Comments

Sometimes we can depend a little too heavily on our electronic devices and feel bereft without them, shares Ordained Minister Farrell Lemings. Just like the smartphones and devices we so highly prize, we also need recharging to be effective and empowered church leaders.



Staying Strong Through the Storms of Life

By Julie Stott | 2 Comments

Serving the South Pacific region, Area Missionary Julie Stott has had lots of opportunity to observe palm trees weathering the severe storms. In the storms of life, we are often bent and humbled—but that’s when God’s love seeps in and raises us back to strength, like the mighty palm tree.

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