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Being a Good Neighbor

By Meagan McLaughlin | 5 Comments

How are we as Christians to know how to ‘make disciples of all nations’ when there are so many different theories about how to do it? Foursquare Credentialed Minister Meagan McLaughlin shares that discipleship starts with being good neighbors to all whose paths we cross.



The Power of One

By Raúl Irigoyen | 5 Comments

When it comes to the Great Commission, the best thing believers can do is minister wholeheartedly to those God places in our paths. There’s no limit to what the Lord can do in and through each one of us if we follow his leading and direction, shares Foursquare Foundation board member Raul Irigoyen.



Focus Not on ‘How,’ But ‘Who’

By Mike Larkin | 7 Comments

When we worry about how we are supposed to accomplish God’s will, it’s easy to get bogged down. Instead, we should focus on the One who accomplishes it through us, shares Ignite Academy President Mike Larkin.



Dare to Dream

By Harriet Mouer | 11 Comments

If you know you can do it, does it qualify as a dream? Recently retired Mid-Atlantic District Supervisor Harriet Mouer was challenged to “dream big” by these words, and God far exceeded her expectations.



Why Jerusalem?

By Sam Johnson* | 6 Comments

Why would Jesus not have named Galilee, a fully evangelized city, in the Great Commission, and how does that apply to us? An area missionary to the MENACA (Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia) region reminds us that God will call us wherever He sees the greatest need, in order to reach the unreached with the gospel.

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