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When One Gift Becomes Many

By Tammy Dunahoo

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, ours is a story of faith, hope and love. These gifts can be multiplied to billions and change the world, if we are willing to spread the Good News, shares General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo.



Generosity Leads to Generosity

By Stan Simmons | 7 Comments

“Whoever sows generously will also reap generously” applies to church giving, too (2 Cor. 9:6, NIV). Foursquare Pastor Stan Simmons shares a powerful testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness and provision when his church followed God’s leading to give to another church in need.



Not So With You

By Marc Gale | 10 Comments

Ordained Foursquare Minister Marc Gale shares experience from his own path as a co-leader with his wife to remind us that as leaders we can’t—and don’t—do it all on our own. We must first become servants of one another in order to truly lead.



What Are You Multiplying?

By Ron Thigpenn | 8 Comments

Praying for more resources is important, but we must always focus on how we are stewarding the gifts God has already entrusted to us, shares Foursquare CFO Ron Thigpenn. When we are good stewards of the resources God has already given us, He will trust us with more.



The Power of Thankfulness

By Dyanna Hoage | 5 Comments

Gratitude leads to contentment, and rendering thanks to the Lord during times of testing and trial can truly provide an anchor for our souls, and even make way for miracles, shares Foursquare Credentialed Minister Dyanna Hoage. We must press on and continue in prayer to become more like Jesus, she says.

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