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The Church: Organization or Organism?

By Roger Archer

As the church, we must be an organic entity that displays supreme organization, and a symbiotic body that exists for a purpose greater than our individual members, shares Foursquare Ordained Minister Roger Archer. Sharing vision and discipling leaders prevents “blockage” or “buildup” in the church body.



Caring for Our Leaders

By Fernando Castillo | 1 Comment

When developing leaders, building character is just as important as developing skills, states Hawaii District Supervisor Fernando Castillo. True leaders must be lovingly cared for as they are shepherded in their training so that the kingdom of God will prevail.



Leading Strong Through Weakness

By Brooks Rice | 4 Comments

God is committed to revealing Himself through our weakness, but remaining vulnerable while leading is a real challenge, shares Foursquare Credentialed Minister Brooks Rice. When we glory in our own strength, we are in danger of building an unhealthy self-reliance. We must be open about our need for God’s grace.



A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

By Dan Mundt | 2 Comments

As Christians, our mission starts with the people living and working next to us. It’s important to maintain a local focus, not just a global one, for missions, discipleship and service to the kingdom of God, shares Heartland District Supervisor Dan Mundt.



God Is Purposeful

By Mark Slomka | 3 Comments

Everything God does has a purpose, shares Foursquare Ordained Minister Mark Slomka, and we should never doubt that our lives have meaning. We were born of, and for, God’s purpose, and He has saved and sent us to fulfill His purpose.

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