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A Culture of Care

By Ted Vail | 6 Comments

Providing compassionate spiritual care for the helpless and harassed is a crucial part of fulfilling the Great Commission, shares FMI Associate Director Ted Vail. But we often overlook another critical need for spiritual care—ourselves.



Compassion Is the Key

By Keith Jenkins | 7 Comments

We know that Christ calls us to show compassion to all individuals, but how deep does that calling go? Ordained Minister Keith Jenkins shares about different levels of service Christ exemplified in His mission to reach all people, and how that applies to us.



From Simon to Peter

By Piet Brinksma | 4 Comments

How can we be the rock on which Christ builds His church and usher in His kingdom? We must allow Him to lead us to the territory He has chosen, and reach out with open arms and prayer, shares Foursquare National Leader of the Netherlands Piet Brinksma.



Letting Go and Losing Control

By Lisa Kai | 5 Comments

We know that God’s timing is always best, but what about when it doesn’t line up with our preferred timing? Ordained Minister Lisa Kai shares her personal testimony and cautions us that holding tightly onto the illusion of control hinders God’s ability to work in our lives.



From Tragedy to Triumph: The Holy Spirit and Rwanda

By Fidèle Masengo | 8 Comments

In the depths of tragedy, the Holy Spirit works to enable healing and growth. Fidèle Masengo, national church leader of The Foursquare Church in Rwanda, feels the Holy Spirit’s empowerment to grow and plant churches as the country is still rebuilding from a genocide that erased nearly 20 percent of its population.

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