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The Promised Land

By Peter Henderson

We cannot control what God accomplishes in our lifetime, only sow and tend seeds for Him to flourish in future generations. Ordained Minister Peter Henderson shares about the life and death of Moses and how ministry, legacy and inheritance are intertwined.



Small As a Mustard Seed

By Carlos Campo | 3 Comments

The lowly mustard seed has long been a symbol of our faith, but it also symbolizes the original size of our expanding universe. Ashland University President Carlos Campo reminds us to grow our faith like the mighty mustard plant, so that we can shelter others.



Exposed and Vulnerable in the Light of Christ

By Angie Richey | 8 Comments

Christ’s light causes us to be exposed and vulnerable, which can be scary, shares ordained minister and licensed therapist Angie Richey. But from that exposure, we can penetrate the darkness, if we are courageous enough to let His light shine in our dark places and then take action.



Agents of Transformation

By Felix Meduoye | 4 Comments

All true Christians are to be agents of positive change according to the Scriptures, shares Felix Meduoye, national leader of The Foursquare Church in Nigeria.



Continuously Filled by the Holy Spirit

By Jim Scott | 12 Comments

Though being Christian in a secular world can make us feel like strangers in a foreign land, God is ready and willing to equip us to share the gospel through His Holy Spirit, just as He did in the early church, shares FMI Director Jim Scott.

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