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The Servant With One Talent

By Gideon Yuk

It isn’t the size of the church or the number of souls with which pastors are entrusted that matters, shares Ordained Minister Gideon Yuk. What matters is that we make disciples and multiply the talents that God has given us.



Spontaneous Moments of Gratitude

By Daniel Prieto | 3 Comments

Watching the Mars Curiosity rover taught Ordained Minister Daniel Prieto that moving from preparation to action involves moments of great risk, but that the rewards are worth the risk. This truth holds in ministry, as well, where each day we can serve is a gift from the Lord.



A Lighthouse in the Storm

By Richard Casteel | 6 Comments

When Ordained Minister Richard Casteel was sent to a new church, he found himself in the eye of a storm of struggles, conflict and opposition. Assured that God had called him, Richard soon realized he was to be like a lighthouse in a storm, letting his light shine brightly.



A Treasure So Great

By Andy Millar | 5 Comments

Ordained Minister Andy Millar shares how our “treasure in jars of clay” is far more powerful than we are sometimes aware—we carry the very presence of God around with us everywhere we go.



Starting With ‘Why’

By Ben Eige | 5 Comments

The disciples weren’t inspired by what they would be doing or how they would be doing it—they were inspired by a clear understanding of why Jesus was there: to proclaim the Good News. Likewise, let us not be distracted by “what” and “how” when it comes to ministry, shares Ordained Minister Ben Eige. The key is “why.”

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