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Washing and Mending

By Jeff Roper

Foursquare Missions International Area Missionary Jeff Roper shares the ways that God prepared His disciples for a life of service as “fishers of men.” He is still working today on us as disciples so that we can fulfill His purpose.



A Heart for Your City

By John A. Amstutz

Ordained Minister John A. Amstutz didn’t always feel emotionally moved by his tight-knit Southern California community. John shares the testimony of how, in time, God broke his heart for the city he calls home and opened his eyes to the beautiful community around him.



A JOYful Life: Jesus, Others and You

By Joe Wittwer

Ordained Minister Joe Wittwer shares a testimony about his own weaknesses, and reminds us of the importance of prioritizing Jesus, then others, then ourselves, and how we can truly serve the Lord with joy in our hearts.



The Next ‘Yes’

By Scott Jungers

We can’t know everything all God will ask of us, but we do know we can always say yes to His next question, as He makes us into the leaders He wants us to be, shares Ordained Minister Scott Jungers.



Mission Accomplished

By Hugo Pera Nuñez

Jesus’ life left us a perfect example because He finished all the Father placed in His hands to do. Likewise, we are alive to fulfill everything God places under our responsibility, shares Hugo Pera Nuñez, president of The Foursquare Church in Paraguay.

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