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The ‘Fellowship of the Burning Heart’

By Tim Mossholder

What’s the most important quality when choosing partners for kingdom ministry? Passion and a heart on fire for God and His people are the keys to being a world-changer, says Tim Mossholder, Foursquare Emerging Leader Network (ELN) consultant.



Cultivating and Building Unity

By Daniel Prieto | 2 Comments

Valuing diversity in our ministry teams means that we unite spiritually as brothers and sisters in Christ, loving and respecting one another, shares Foursquare National Hispanic Missional Coach Daniel Prieto. We will always be different, but we can love, respect and value one another, which will empower all of us to be and do our best.



Celebrating Each Person’s Uniqueness

By Virginia Gonzalez | 6 Comments

Being part of the Hispanic movement in The Foursquare Church has taught Assisting Minister Virginia Gonzalez that every people group contains diversity, and we cannot behave as though the people within a particular culture are exactly alike. We must accept their differences as well as their similarities and love those whom we are appointed to serve.



A Community of Believers

By Victoria Goodell | 4 Comments

Church, above all, is a community of believers who are all pursuing becoming more like Jesus, shares Life Pacific College student Victoria Goodell. Our diversity and our God-given gifts work together to accomplish amazing things in the kingdom.



Closing the Gap

By Alfonso Guevara | 2 Comments

Building a “culturally competent” church means more than just translating sermons. As the church, we must truly serve all members of a constantly growing and changing congregation. All of the barriers and divisions between us cease to exist as we embrace unity within the body of Christ, shares Assisting Minister Alfonso Guevara.

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