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Life Is an Exciting Ride

By Jim Van Dyke

Life can seem like a scary amusement park ride, making you fearful and nervous, as Ordained Minister Jim Van Dyke realized during a recent trip to Disneyland. But God can transform our lives into an amazing, joyful adventure if we trust in Him and fulfill the Great Commission.



Is Bigger Ministry Better Ministry?

By Jake Poetzl | 9 Comments

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing bigger ministry is better, shares Credentialed Minister Jake Poetzl. But the best church growth strategy is not necessarily found in preaching to multitudes, but in living in faith and obedience to God wherever we are sent.



All Hands on Deck!

By Jerry Dirmann | 4 Comments

The church in these last days must not be satisfied just with great worship and teaching from the platform, and spectating from the pews, shares Ordained Minister Jerry Dirmann. God is stirring leaders to preach and prophesy in such a way that believers will become motivated to arise and get involved.



Asking for Directions

By James Ranger | 5 Comments

The mission of Christ’s church is at stake when we raise up and send leaders, shares Ordained Minister James Ranger. As Christians, we must approach this important responsibility reverently, with worship, fasting and prayer for Holy Spirit guidance before sending others or being sent.



Six Degrees of Separation

By Dan Dunn | 2 Comments

Being part of the family of God means that the limits of geography or duration that normally keep our relationships from deepening right away can be dissolved as we enjoy the spiritual unity that comes from Christ in us, shares Ordained Minister Dan Dunn.

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