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Accidental Discipleship

By Aaron Thompson | 3 Comments

Ordained Minister Aaron Thompson wasn’t looking for disciples when he needed help one Saturday morning. But he found them by nurturing a relationship with two unassuming junior high boys. By inviting others into our tasks and into our lives, we end up inviting them to Jesus, Aaron reminds us.



The True Measure of Success

By Joy Russell | 8 Comments

The Word calls us to disciple and send out laborers, which doesn’t always measure up to our culture’s view of a successful church. Whether we serve in a megachurch or a small community fellowship, our success is measured by one thing—whether or not we fulfill the Great Commission, shares Ordained Minister Joy Russell.



Reverse the Curse

By Dale Evrist | 1 Comment

In the Old Testament, the sorcerer Balaam could not curse Israel because God had chosen to bless His people. No one can change God’s prophetic promises for us but God Himself, and that knowledge gives us freedom from curses and evil against us, shares Ordained Minister Dale Evrist.



Leaders Who Follow

By Sam Rockwell | 3 Comments

Jesus Christ was, first and foremost, a follower of God, His Father. Likewise, being willing to follow a leader, and first being a follower of Christ, are key to being an effective, godly leader, shares Gateway District Supervisor Sam Rockwell.



Facing the Fear

By Ron Pinkston | 5 Comments

Fear is a very normal emotion, especially when working to fulfill the Great Commission, shares Central Pacific District Supervisor Ron Pinkston. However, keeping the cause of Christ alive and well in our souls is the key to facing our fears.

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