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A Fresh Perspective on Waiting

By Remi Lawanson | 8 Comments

Waiting for God’s timing can be tiring, discouraging and confusing. But basking in God’s presence while waiting can be empowering, shares Remi Lawanson, Foursquare board of directors member and ordained minister. Remi encourages Christian leaders with words from Scripture while exploring the paradox of waiting on the Lord.



Live Fearlessly

By Gretchen Abney | 3 Comments

This fallen world is full of terror and uncertainty, but God has not given us a spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7), Ordained Minister Gretchen Abney reminds us. She confesses her struggle with anxiety and worry in a fallen world, and offers freeing affirmations from God’s Word to help all of us rise above fear.



Penetrating the Darkness

By Leslie Keegel | 6 Comments

As national leader of The Foursquare Church in Sri Lanka, Leslie Keegel has overcome demons, witchcraft and other occult principalities through the power of the Holy Spirit. Leslie shares some powerful testimony of his 40-plus years of church-planting ministry there.



A Culture of Care

By Ted Vail | 6 Comments

Providing compassionate spiritual care for the helpless and harassed is a crucial part of fulfilling the Great Commission, shares FMI Associate Director Ted Vail. But we often overlook another critical need for spiritual care—ourselves.



Compassion Is the Key

By Keith Jenkins | 7 Comments

We know that Christ calls us to show compassion to all individuals, but how deep does that calling go? Ordained Minister Keith Jenkins shares about different levels of service Christ exemplified in His mission to reach all people, and how that applies to us.

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