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Central Office Updates

Contending for Holy Spirit Empowerment at Connection 2016

By Glenn Burris Jr. | 2 Comments

President Glenn Burris Jr. shares that he has felt strongly compelled by the Lord to have a commissioning service on Wednesday night during Connection 2016 in Honolulu. He believes the Foursquare family should contend for a Holy Spirit impartation to leave Hawaii with an empowerment from on high.



Be Light!

By Samuel Rodriguez

We live in dark times, and sometimes the church hinders itself from sharing the gospel of Christ. But we as Christians should stand empowered to be light in the darkness of our troubled world, shares Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.


Your Questions

When Bosses Are Bad

By Dennis Easter

One reader asks: “I know the Bible teaches we are to respect those in authority over us, but my boss is one of the most difficult people I have ever met. She is dictatorial and sometimes even verbally abusive. The stress is filtering into my home life. Where do I draw the line between being submissive and confronting what I see as unacceptable behavior?”