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Central Office Updates

Foursquare President’s Response to Supreme Court Ruling

By Glenn Burris Jr.

President Glenn Burris Jr.’s responds to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, including information pertinent to credentialed ministers and church leaders.



Caring for Our Leaders

By Fernando Castillo | 1 Comment

When developing leaders, building character is just as important as developing skills, states Hawaii District Supervisor Fernando Castillo. True leaders must be lovingly cared for as they are shepherded in their training so that the kingdom of God will prevail.


Your Questions

When Bosses Are Bad

By Dennis Easter

One reader asks: “I know the Bible teaches we are to respect those in authority over us, but my boss is one of the most difficult people I have ever met. She is dictatorial and sometimes even verbally abusive. The stress is filtering into my home life. Where do I draw the line between being submissive and confronting what I see as unacceptable behavior?”