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Northwest District
Supervisor: Dave Veach

4020 S. 56th St, Suite 200
Tacoma, WA 98409

P: 253.284.1674
F: 253.284.1677

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Gone to Be With the Lord Report (July 2016)

By Foursquare

An updated list of Foursquare credentialed ministers who have recently passed away



Foursquare Pastor Says Church Planting Is ‘Crazy Fun’

By Greg Grigsby

What makes someone want to plant a church? Greg Grigsby, senior pastor of Adventure Church (Meridian South Foursquare Church) in Meridian, Idaho, knows from experience the answer to that question. He candidly shares his heart for his city and why he’s so motivated to plant churches.



FMI Announces Leadership Transition

By Andy Butcher

In what President Glenn Burris Jr. calls a “creative and forward-thinking direction,” Ted Vail and Jim Scott will be switching their Foursquare Missions International (FMI) roles in September. Ted will become vice president of global operations for Foursquare U.S. and director of FMI, with Jim taking on the responsibilities of associate director.



Elicia Hutchinson: Healed at a Foursquare Camp

By Elicia Hutchinson

Sixteen-year-old Elicia Hutchinson struggled with physical disability since birth, and she struggled with her faith in God, too. But when she was prayed for at a Foursquare camp, everything changed. She was miraculously and instantaneously healed, boosting her faith and causing her to open her heart to Jesus Christ.



Sent to Public Education: Windy Veach

By Rachel Chimits

With a lifelong passion to teach children and work within the public education system, Windy Veach knows that God has placed her right where He needs her the most. As a second grade teacher for a low-income public school, she finds ways to minister to others in a similar teaching role.

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