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Foursquare News

Foursquare Pastor Named Chief of Chaplain Corps for Civil Air Patrol

By Ken Walker

Charlie Sattgast, a longtime Foursquare pastor, is the first Foursquare-endorsed chaplain to be chosen to serve as chief of the chaplain corps for the Civil Air Patrol. He is excited about the opportunity to direct the spiritual lives of the 24,000 cadets who are part of the CAP program.


Disaster Relief

Foursquare Sees Opportunities for Ministry After Hurricane Irma

By Andy Butcher

Though many communities in the Sunshine State were spared Hurricane Irma’s wrath, the storm still caused massive upheaval with far-reaching impacts. Foursquare churches in Florida, in partnership with Foursquare Disaster Relief, have already entered the fray to offer help and hope.