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Foursquare News

Churches Gave Generously to Bless Missionaries This Christmas

By Rod Light

Taking part in Foursquare Missions International’s “Bless a Missionary Family This Christmas” campaign, Foursquare churches in the U.S. gave more than $28,000 to bless Foursquare missionaries worldwide this holiday season. Donations to the project can still be made through February, and the offering will be divided equally among all FMI missionary families.


Disaster Relief

Foursquare Giving Helps Flood Victims in Sri Lanka

By Andy Butcher

More than one million people had to flee their homes after flooding in Sri Lanka in December, and approximately 40 lives were lost. Damage was widespread, and many lost their dwellings, properties and ability to earn farming income. But Foursquare Disaster Relief has helped hundreds of families work toward recovery, thanks to Foursquare members’ generosity.