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Dr. Roy H. Hicks Sr. With the Lord


Dr. Hicks passed away September 25, 2008, after more than 60 years of Foursquare ministry.

Published September 26, 2008

By The Foursquare Church


On Thursday afternoon, September 25, 2008, Dr. Roy H. Hicks Sr. entered into the presence of the Lord. He had been a Foursquare minister for almost 65 years. Dr. Hicks was preceded in death by his wife, Margaret, who passed away in 2004; and a son, Roy Jr. who passed away in 1994. He is survived by a daughter, Lorrie Hicks De Ieso; a son, Jim Hicks (Christel); a sister, Lucille Hicks; his son Roy’s widow, Kay Bourland; and three grandsons. Dr. Hicks was 88 years old.

Throughout Dr. Hicks’ long tenure as a minister, he served The Foursquare Church in various leadership capacities. Following graduation from LIFE Bible College in 1944, he and his wife pioneered churches in Coshocton and Columbus, Ohio; they also pastored churches in New York and Nebraska. Dr. Hicks served as supervisor of the Western Canada District for five years, and then as supervisor of the Northwest District for 12 years. In 1982, he became the general supervisor of The Foursquare Church, a ministry he fulfilled until his “retirement” in 1992. In 2001, at the age of 80, Dr. Hicks planted the Rancho Bernardo Foursquare Church, a church that continues to be a strong witness in the community.

Dr. Hicks made enormous contributions to The Foursquare Church, and his gifting as an anointed teacher and his prolific writing gave him influence far beyond the boundaries of the­ denomination he loved so much. President Jack Hayford remembers Dr. Hicks with these words:

“There is no way to measure the impact of Roy Hicks Sr. upon The Foursquare Church as well as the larger Body of Christ. His passion to teach and stimulate faith, based in God's Word and believing for His Spirit's working breakthrough unto victory in all of life, still resonates in many of our hearts. His life and his ministry are gifts of God's grace to this church family—gifts that will not be forgotten.”

A memorial service is tentatively planned for October 24 at the Escondido Christian Center Foursquare Church. Although we rejoice in knowing that Dr. Hicks is now in the presence of the Lord he served so faithfully, his passing brings sorrow to his family, friends, and all who knew him. Please pray for his family during this time of loss. Condolences may be sent to the following addresses:

Jim and Christel Hicks
PO Box 462468
Escondido, CA 92046 

Lorrie Hicks De Ieso
984 Robin Court
San Marcos, CA  92078

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