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Immeasurable Resources for Your 'Today'

Don’t fall into the easy trap of comparison when it comes to your personal ministry. You are sent—and God is ready and inviting you to open today to a fresh anointing, to a new season of His power, shares Pastor Jack Hayford.

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Plugging In: Empowering Your Life and Ministry

Sometimes we can depend a little too heavily on our electronic devices and feel bereft without them, shares Ordained Minister Farrell Lemings. Just like the smartphones and devices we so highly prize, we also need recharging to be effective and empowered church leaders.

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Why We Must Recenter Everything We Do Around Jesus

How do we as a church movement deal with the fact that we live in a world in which many have given up on institutionalized religion? The key to reaching people, as President Glenn Burris Jr. shares, is not to give them religion, but to give them Jesus.

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