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The Servant With One Talent: No Amount Is Too Small

It isn’t the size of the church or the number of souls with which pastors are entrusted that matters, shares Ordained Minister Gideon Yuk. What matters is that we make disciples and multiply the talents that God has given us.

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How Your Church Can Reach the World This Thanksgiving

One of the most effective outreaches your church could ever do this Thanksgiving can be done right from members’ homes, by inviting foreign exchange college students over for a holiday meal. Members from El Monte Valley Community Foursquare Church in Southern California share how being hospitable opens doors for showing the love of Christ.

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Inspired As a Young Girl by Aimee Semple McPherson

When she was a young girl, Winona Helms met the founder of Foursquare. She shares what it was like to be a part of the youth group at Angelus Temple, including being in some of Sister McPherson’s legendary illustrated sermons, and how our movement’s founder influenced her ministry.

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