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Spreading Inspiration and the Gospel: Mike Kai

Mike Kai, pastor of the Hawaii-based multiple location Inspire Church, challenged his church members to find a need and fill it. The result? The multiplication of many creative outreach ministries to the surrounding communities and the birth of multisite church locations. Evangelizing, discipleship and leadership development play a major role in Inspire’s ministry effectiveness.

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God's Plan to Reach and Reconcile All Nations

Reconciling every nation to Himself has always been God’s plan, long before Jesus issued the Great Commission. This reconciliation begins with us reaching out to our neighbors and those in community with us, regardless of culture or background, shares Foursquare Credentialed Minister Krystal Perez.

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2014 Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships Awarded

Six women in leadership training were awarded scholarships from the Alabaster House Legacy Scholarship Fund this year. “The Foursquare Church is clearly on assignment by the Holy Spirit to release women leaders to their fullest potential,” says Marion Ingegneri, national representative for Women in Ministry Leadership.

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