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Foursquare Supports Civilians Caught in Israel-Gaza Conflict

With violent clashes in the Gaza Strip, many Israeli and Palestinian civilians have been affected—losing work opportunities, evacuating from homes and living in perilous turmoil. Now Foursquare Disaster Relief, partnering with local workers, is sending funds for relief efforts—a symbol of kindness from believers abroad.

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FMI Sees Gospel Spreading in World’s ‘Hidden Places’

In the MENACA region (Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia), less than 0.001 percent of the population is Christian. But despite challenges and dangers faced by believers in this region, Foursquare workers in the world’s “hidden places” are seeing people come to Christ with help from Foursquare Missions International’s Global Mission Fund.

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Being a Good Neighbor

How are we as Christians to know how to ‘make disciples of all nations’ when there are so many different theories about how to do it? Foursquare Credentialed Minister Meagan McLaughlin shares that discipleship starts with being good neighbors to all whose paths we cross.

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