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The Promise of His Return

How blessed are we, as children of God, that the Lord always fulfills His promises to us? Ordained Minister Raymundo Diaz presents a comforting picture of God’s long-suffering patience with us, and His imminent return.

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Running Partners: Empowering One Another in Christ

Ordained Minister Carrie Jenkins explores various types of Christian relationships and shares the differences between mentoring, guiding and empowering. Guidance is empowerment and compassion combined. Are you guiding and empowering a person the Lord has brought into your life right now?

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When My Plans Don’t Work Out, God’s Purpose Prevails

No matter how well intended our plans are, God’s purpose will prevail, which can be a great comfort, as He knows the plans He has for us. Pacific Southwest District Supervisor Fernando Castillo shares what often happens when his own plans don’t work out.

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