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Foursquare Leaders Working Among Soboba Indians See Changed Lives

Foursquare leaders building relationships with people on the Soboba Indian Reservation are seeing doors of ministry open, and a grant from Foursquare Disaster Relief has offered needed aid after recent flooding. Yaseer and Monique Handall have a dream to raise up youth ministry leaders on Indian reservations across the country.

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The Power of a Good Name: Being a Person of Integrity

When we are people of integrity, we will experience the favor of both God and man, but a tarnished reputation can take years to rebuild. Senior Pastor Clint Pickrel shares the importance of guarding your name.

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Living 'Palms Up' Means Obedience, Service and Worship

Living a life of true worship means living “palms up”—focusing on serving others and being obedient to God, while expecting nothing in return for our service, shares Foursquare Northeast Atlantic District Supervisor Peter Bonanno.

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