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Waiting Here: The Spirit of Advent

Advent means an expectation, and expectation means waiting, which can provoke anxiety or dread in any believer—especially during the busy Christmas season. Louie Giglio, founder of the Passion Movement and pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, reminds us that God is always working, even as we wait on Him.

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Exalting the Donkey: Valuing Ministry Over People

Are your priorities in order when it comes to the value you place on people? Brett Toft, a missionary to the Nordic region of Europe with Foursquare Missions International, explains why people should always be our main mission. Ministry programs are just the vehicle for Christ to reach people.

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When Tragedy Strikes, God Has a Plan for Good

James Ludlow, senior pastor of Eastpointe (Bonney Lake II Foursquare Church) in Puyallup, Wash., has learned to walk through tragedy following a string of horrific events that affected his church and community. He shares practical guidance on how to best respond when bad things happen.

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