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Districts Consolidate to Form New Southern California District

The consolidation of Foursquare districts to form the Southern California District (or SoCal District) is now complete. SoCal District Supervisor Dennis Easter explains that the consolidation creates a “greater ownership of our mission to love and serve the Greater Los Angeles community by benefiting from rural, suburban and urban contexts.”

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Adam Davidson Appointed to COO, Vice President of Operations

Adam Davidson has been appointed to the role of vice president of operations, chief operating officer (COO) of The Foursquare Church. As the youngest vice president on staff, Adam will be responsible for leading Foursquare’s central office and ensuring it helps the national church fulfill its vision and goals.

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Foursquare Disaster Relief Brings Hope and Help As Ebola Virus Spreads

As Ebola cases increase and fear spreads in West Africa and beyond, Foursquare Disaster Relief is providing sanitation supply kits to volunteers who are distributing them and sharing the gospel. Foursquare churches in the region are actively reaching out to minister to people affected by the crisis, and many people have come to Christ as a result.

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