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Partnerships Between U.S./Netherlands Churches Yield Results

In the postmodern and post-Christian Netherlands, most people don’t consider Christianity to be relevant or viable. But partnerships between Foursquare churches in the U.S. and the Netherlands are changing that. Through creative ministry outreaches and authentic one-on-one relationships, people are seeing that God is indeed not dead and are coming to Christ.

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Closing the Gap and Serving Your Congregation

Building a “culturally competent” church means more than just translating sermons. As the church, we must truly serve all members of a constantly growing and changing congregation. All of the barriers and divisions between us cease to exist as we embrace unity within the body of Christ, shares Assisting Minister Alfonso Guevara.

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Seeing Through Everyone's Lenses

Allowing church leaders to freely discuss issues that might not normally fall under their areas of oversight is like putting on a fresh pair of glasses, shares NextGen Pastor Ryan Brown. When we welcome people from all backgrounds, ages and walks of life into the discussion, the result will be better insight and healthier churches.

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