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Foursquare Disaster Relief Brings Hope and Help As Ebola Virus Spreads

As Ebola cases increase and fear spreads in West Africa and beyond, Foursquare Disaster Relief is providing sanitation supply kits to volunteers who are distributing them and sharing the gospel. Foursquare churches in the region are actively reaching out to minister to people affected by the crisis, and many people have come to Christ as a result.

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Foursquare Senior Living Now Operating Two West Coast Centers

Foursquare Senior Living now has two residential centers operating in two states: Parkview Living in Los Angeles and Linden Center in Portland, Ore. Funded by Foursquare Foundation and overseen by Foursquare Financial Solutions, the developments provide homes for retired ministers in need, and generate income for future Foursquare ministry.

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Cultivating and Building Unity

Valuing diversity in our ministry teams means that we unite spiritually as brothers and sisters in Christ, loving and respecting one another, shares Foursquare National Hispanic Missional Coach Daniel Prieto. We will always be different, but we can love, respect and value one another, which will empower all of us to be and do our best.

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