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Foursquare Called to Pray Over Eastpointe Tragedy

Foursquare youth leaders Josh and Vanessa Ellis, and their 8-month-old son, Hudson, died Monday when a large concrete slab fell onto their pickup truck. The Foursquare family is being asked to pray for Eastpointe (Bonney Lake II Foursquare Church) in Bonney Lake, Wash., as they grieve.

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Southeast, North Pacific Supervisors Announced

The Foursquare Church has just announced two new district supervisor appointments, beginning May 1, 2015. Bill Gross will be supervisor of the Southeast District, and Gabe Barreiro will be supervisor of the North Pacific District. Both leaders have strong backgrounds in local Foursquare ministry, and are actively involved in sending church planters and developing other leaders.

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Evangelism Is a Command, Not an Option for Believers

Evangelism may feel tough or awkward at times. As Christians, we were never promised it would feel comfortable. But it’s crucial to fulfill the Great Commission because we are sent to evangelize, shares Foursquare Credentialed Minister Bill Rose.

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