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Churches Gave Generously to Bless Missionaries This Christmas

Taking part in Foursquare Missions International’s “Bless a Missionary Family This Christmas” campaign, Foursquare churches in the U.S. gave more than $28,000 to bless Foursquare missionaries worldwide this holiday season. Donations to the project can still be made through February, and the offering will be divided equally among all FMI missionary families.

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Important Up-to-Date Information on Foursquare’s Five Stakes

President Glenn Burris Jr. updates Foursquare ministers with the latest information on progress related to Foursquare’s Reimagine process and the Five Stakes, in this January report.

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Staying on Task to Finish the Lord's Work

What happens when we allow ourselves to get off track in our mission? Heartland District Missional Facilitator Steve Ryssemus uses the Parable of the Sower from the Gospel of Luke to illustrate the importance of staying on task to complete God’s work.

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