Disciples of All Nations

By John L. Amstutz

Foursquare Media; 185 pages; softcover

The instruction of Christ to His followers was clear: " 'Go and make disciples of all nations' " (Matt. 28:19, NIV). His command was readily heeded, as in response His disciples preached the gospel and planted churches in every village, town and city to which they traveled. In a few short decades, groups of Christ-followers had sprung up throughout the Roman Empire.

Pastor and author John L. Amstutz notes that "making disciples of all nations" is the foundation of The Foursquare Church, as evidenced in the denomination's rapid expansion worldwide since the 1920s, beginning with the movement's founder, Aimee Semple McPherson.

In Disciples of All Nations the author—who has served as a missionary, pastor, professor and leadership trainer for Foursquare churches outside the U.S.—explains his reason for writing the book.

"The rapid growth and globalization of The Foursquare Church underscores the need for clarifying and communicating 'Foursquare missiology,' how and why we do missions," he writes. "For teaching and training of pastors, missions leaders, missionaries and national leaders this book is written."

The volume details a proven, four-stage developmental process for churches to implement in order to successfully fulfill Christ's command. Also included is an assessment that will help a pastor and his or her leadership team analyze the health of his or her congregation as it relates to the four-stage process. An extensive study guide, written by pastor and missions leader Gary Matsdorf, is also provided, and is perfect for facilitating group discussion.

Whether you're a senior pastor with a heart for reaching the unreached, a missions leader partnering with a local church, or a lay leader with a burden for the lost in your city—or a city across the globe—Disciples of All Nations will prove to be a useful guide to fulfilling the Great Commission.

How to get this resource

This book is available through Foursquare Media. For more information call 213.989.4494.

Reviewed by Bill Shepson, a Foursquare credentialed minister and freelance writer in Los Angeles.



  • Reviewed by: Bill Shepson
  • Date Posted: 05/05/09
  • Cost: $10.99