Pastoral Care

Building Up Leaders. Services for Foursquare Pastors.

Providing support for you and your church

You serve, care, listen, support, respond, give, give, give … and get tired.

As a credentialed minister on the front lines of ministry every single day, you know what it means to get run-down. We are here to help build you up through rest and renewal, personal sabbaticals, confidential counseling—whatever you need.

We believe that preserving leaders’ personal health is a crucial component of maintaining healthy churches. We believe in this so strongly that we provide these resources at no cost to you. We care about you and your church that much!

Foursquare Pastoral Care is here to do just what the name implies—care for our Foursquare leaders. This support is facilitated through C.A.R.E. and the two Centers for Spiritual Renewal.

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