Sister Aimee: Scandalous?

  • Sister Aimee used media and the cutting-edge technology of her day to carry her message across the globe. With that kind of reach, many of the details of her life story remain with us today. Read about Sister Aimee, listen to her sermons, view photographs and more.

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Meet the Real Aimee

  • Enjoy articles written by and about Sister Aimee and her work in an era when tremendous forces were changing the face of the globe. These historical insights paint a clearer picture of what it was like to be an early part of the movement Sister Aimee started.

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Aimee's Legacy Today

  • Sister Aimee captivated thousands with her dynamic personality and powerful message of hope. Communities around the world are challenged and changed today because of the work she started so many years ago. Learn more about Sister Aimee's lasting legacy.

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Aimee's Legacy Today

  • Stay updated on how the life and legacy of Aimee Semple McPherson is still making an impact today.
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Class Is In Session. Foursquare Education and Training Opportunities.

Ignite Academy

Are you a high school senior considering full-time ministry but not quite ready for Bible college? Foursquare’s Ignite Academy may be just what you are looking for.

The Ignite Academy, an extension of Life Pacific College, is a unique educational ministry-training program for high school graduates who want to be future church leaders. Ignite prepares students for various ministry opportunities in an educational, collegiate atmosphere.

Since relocating to CrossPointe Conference Center in Christiansburg, Va., in August 2011, Ignite Academy has been certified by the Virginia Council on Higher Education. As an extension campus of LPC, Ignite is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and WASC, which means students can earn transferable college credits for the classes taken there.

Up to 64 total units can be earned toward an Associate of Arts degree (A.A.) in general studies with a strong biblical foundation. Classes are taught by LPC faculty, and financial aid is available through Title IV government funding.

In addition to academics, Ignite offers practical ministry experience in the community and in the local church, as well as opportunities for experience around the world. Students average 15-20 hours per week of local community service. During fall semester, urban missions teams travel to New York City and Washington D.C.; they also participate in ministry functions throughout our East Coast districts. Global missions is the focus in the spring semester when students embark to serve for three weeks in partnership with Foursquare Missions at any one of several global missions stations.

Learn more about Ignite Academy online or use the following information to contact Ignite:

Ignite Academy
900 LIFE Drive
Christiansburg, VA 24073