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Foursquare Disaster Relief partners with local Foursquare churches and missionaries to serve people who find their lives devastated in the face of a disaster. We are there first thanks to the infrastructure of 68,000 churches and meeting places around the world. And we are there last since our churches and missionaries continue to minister to people in the area long after the disaster is gone.

Please donate today so that Foursquare Disaster Relief can respond quickly and generously when disaster strikes. Give confidently knowing that your donations are used toward the greatest need in an area. And once we are no longer serving in a specified area, donations are used toward the greatest need in other regions. Click below to donate online, or mail checks with a note that the giving is for FDR to: Foursquare Disaster Relief c/o FMI, PO Box 26776 Los Angeles, CA 90026


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Shop the Foursquare Disaster Relief for handy items like water pitchers, water bottles and filtration straws. Your purchase directly supports Foursquare Disaster Relief. You get clean water; those in need get clean water, food and more. We all win.


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