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Spokane Foursquare Church

Life Center


1202 N Government Way
Spokane, WA, 99224-5271

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Contact Information:

P: 509.327.4422
F: 509.327.0822
E: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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    Joe Wittwer
    Jeff Allen
    David Bickley
    Will Christianson
    Matt Clark
    Blake Folden
    Alec Gonzales
    Ed Hoffman
    Tim Johnson
    Gary Justesen
    Bill Kafflen
    Don Knapp
    Lynn Knapp
    David Lewellyn
    Paul Miller
    Rick Noll
    Kari Ann Papst
    Mike Riddle
    Zach Saugen
    Craig Schafer
    Josh Schiel
    Alex Skachkov
    Shaun Stone
    Michael Wittwer
    Blake Folden
    Penny Kafflen
  • 1000+
    More than 1,000 people attend this church, on average.
  • Joe Wittwer, Senior Pastor
    Joe Wittwer is a Senior Pastor. Joe primarily speaks English.
  • Jeff Allen, Assisting Minister
    Jeff Allen is an Assisting Minister. Jeff primarily speaks English.
  • David Bickley, Assisting Minister
    David Bickley is an Assisting Minister. David primarily speaks English.
  • Will Christianson, Assisting Minister
    Will Christianson is an Assisting Minister. Will primarily speaks English.
  • Matt Clark, Assisting Minister
    Matt Clark is an Assisting Minister. Matt primarily speaks English.
  • Blake Folden, Assisting Minister
    Blake Folden is an Assisting Minister. Blake primarily speaks English.
  • Alec Gonzales, Assisting Minister
    Alec Gonzales is an Assisting Minister. Alec primarily speaks English.
  • Ed Hoffman, Assisting Minister
    Ed Hoffman is an Assisting Minister. Ed primarily speaks English.
  • Tim Johnson, Assisting Minister
    Tim Johnson is an Assisting Minister. Tim primarily speaks English.
  • Gary Justesen, Assisting Minister
    Gary Justesen is an Assisting Minister. Gary primarily speaks English.
  • Bill Kafflen, Assisting Minister
    Bill Kafflen is an Assisting Minister. Bill primarily speaks English.
  • Don Knapp, Assisting Minister
    Don Knapp is an Assisting Minister. Don primarily speaks English.
  • Lynn Knapp, Assisting Minister
    Lynn Knapp is an Assisting Minister. Lynn primarily speaks English.
  • David Lewellyn, Assisting Minister
    David Lewellyn is an Assisting Minister. David primarily speaks English.
  • Paul Miller, Assisting Minister
    Paul Miller is an Assisting Minister. Paul primarily speaks English.
  • Rick Noll, Assisting Minister
    Rick Noll is an Assisting Minister. Rick primarily speaks English.
  • Kari Ann Papst, Assisting Minister
    Kari Ann Papst is an Assisting Minister. Kari Ann primarily speaks English.
  • Mike Riddle, Assisting Minister
    Mike Riddle is an Assisting Minister. Mike primarily speaks English.
  • Zach Saugen, Assisting Minister
    Zach Saugen is an Assisting Minister. Zach primarily speaks English.
  • Craig Schafer, Assisting Minister
    Craig Schafer is an Assisting Minister. Craig primarily speaks English.
  • Josh Schiel, Assisting Minister
    Josh Schiel is an Assisting Minister. Josh primarily speaks English.
  • Alex Skachkov, Assisting Minister
    Alex Skachkov is an Assisting Minister. Alex primarily speaks Russian.
  • Shaun Stone, Assisting Minister
    Shaun Stone is an Assisting Minister. Shaun primarily speaks English.
  • Michael Wittwer, Assisting Minister
    Michael Wittwer is an Assisting Minister. Michael primarily speaks English.
  • Blake Folden, Leader
    Blake Folden is a Leader. Blake primarily speaks English.
  • Penny Kafflen, Leader
    Penny Kafflen is a Leader. Penny primarily speaks English.
  • “Our most favorite church ever. Pastor Joe and crew spend each service discussing relevant topics of everyday life. They recognize what really happens in...”
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