Foursquare Wordpress Theme

Foursquare Theme. The Foursquare Word in Press.

A free, customizable WordPress theme for Foursquare churches.

Frequently Answered Questions

Is there somewhere I can see the theme before I install it?

Yes! You can see a demo website using the theme to check out all the features in action. If you're viewing the demo on a desktop or laptop, be sure to drag the bottom right corner of your browser right to left and back to see how the site adapts to the size of the screen.

Why do I have to fill out a survey to get the download?

We're just really interested in who is using the theme. The more we know about who is using it and what kinds of churches it works for, the better we'll be able to brainstorm more ideas and features to make the theme better in the future. So answer the questions honestly.

It should go without saying, but we will never sell your information or use it for anything other than improving this theme and, perhaps, a rare email to notify you of significant updates to it.

I'm using the previous Foursquare WordPress theme. Is it easy to upgrade?

The new theme is a complete overhaul of the previous version, and we built it from the ground up. In other words, there will be conflicts with the content you created in the first version. That said, the new theme is incredibly simple to install (no code editing required!) but you should definitely back up your current site's files and database before diving in.

Be sure to check out the README file that is included with the theme and visit WordPress for detailed instructions on how to backup your site.

What's a host, and do I need one?

A host provides you with server space that makes your website accessible on the Internet. You will definitely need one in order to get this theme up and running. Bluehost and DreamHost are two excellent, reliable and low-cost hosts that play very well with WordPress as well as provide friendly customer service in the event you need a little help getting started. You should figure to spend between $4-$8 per month to host your site.

Will Foursquare install the theme for me?

Unfortunately, we're unable to install the theme for you. The good news, however, is that WordPress provides very thorough instructions that will get you started in no time at all.

How do I report a bug?

If you happen to notice a glitch with the theme, please let us know via GitHub, which is where the project has been open-sourced for public use. Please note that we are not actively maintaining the project, but will rely on the community to help address reported bugs and controbute where we can.