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Simple Plan for a Simple Church

This helpful PDF on simple churches will give you more information on what a simple church is, how they fit into the Foursquare family and how you can get started in launching your own simple church.

Simple Plan for a Simple Church
Download PDF (713 KB)


MAP is a Multiplication Assisting Process of Discovery, Dream, Design and Delivery.

Contact your district office to obtain your very own Reachmore MAP, or download the MAP Training brochure for a preview of this helpful resource.

ReachMore Map Training Brochure
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Send us some information about yourself and your dream to plant a church.

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Find Resources.

Find some great church planting resources, as well as church health resources, right now in our Leadership Tools section.

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If you have any questions just let us know. Contact your district office, or e-mail the church planting team, and we’ll be glad to get back with you.